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Are you growing into the Human Resource specialist in your company? Human Resource departments are important aspects to any business. They help manage benefits, manage training/development and many administrative functions that benefit employees. Our Learning Paths help you prepare for certifications like SHRM and PHR. We can provide books, video courses, test preparation and webinars to help you along your career path.

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Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)

This certification is through the Society for Human Resource Management. They are influencers in the Human Resource space that have an international footprint, and they have cultivated a body of knowledge dedicated to today’s human resource and management processes. A SHRM certification allows you to take that knowledge and apply it to real company problems that impact each and every employee.

Professional in Human Resources Management (PHR)

Are you ready to support a companies networking needs regardless of the platform? CompTIA Network+ prepares you for a wide range of networking functions specific to wired and wireless networks. This certification builds your beginner foundation in networking so you can take the next step of vendor specialization.

General Human Resources Curriculum

From recruitment to diversity training to employee development, HR skills are in demand and the need for trained professional is growing at an accelerated rate. Use the courses in this powerful and diverse courseware collection to expand your knowledge and gain the skill your current (or future!) employer desires.

The Right price for the right education

Human Resources is a consistently growing departmental need in businesses. As an HR professional, you will want to stay up to date on all rules and regulations, and our educational platform allows you to do so. On top of the above certification pathways, you will also have access to an ever-evolving library of courses dedicated to the changing HR ecosystem.

The key topics any Human Resource professional should know well are:

  • Employee and Labor Relations
  • Business Management
  • Talent Planning and Acquisition
  • Reward Based Management
  • Learning and Development

The workplace is every changing, and without continual HR training organisations will be left without the people and the skills needed to take them forward.

This flux in the marketplace was strongly demonstrated in a recent study:

  • In only 16% of cases is organisational culture not a barrier to when looking to improve talent management processes.
  • In the most vulnerable areas of digital, soft skills, leadership, and management skills, less than 15% of respondents think they have all the skills they need to succeed today, never mind tomorrow.
  • Around 67% of our survey respondents say that workers now need to learn – and get up to speed – more quickly.





Video Courses
  • Professional in Human Resources: Introduction to PHR® Exam

    In this course, you'll discover the qualifications for HR certification and who is eligible. You'll also learn about the contents of the PHR® Exam by HRCI® and how the test is constructed. In addition, you'll try the HR skill assessment tool to determine skill level and develop a personalized study plan.

  • Professional in Human Resources: Business Environment

    Many great ideas turn into successful businesses, but first the idea must be developed. Discover the considerations that are made regarding the external environment in order to create thriving businesses. In addition, discover the tools used to measure effectiveness. This course can be used in preparation for the HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) PHR® certification exam.

  • Professional in Human Resources: Business Planning

    Not many HR professionals have the opportunity to build a business from the ground up or restructure the company for efficiencies. Whether or not that challenge comes along, it is beneficial to have the knowledge of designing and reshaping the organization to meet business goals and objectives. Explore the various options and how to optimize the different characteristics that make each business unique. Discover the choices available to constructing dynamic organizations to yield top results. This course can be used in preparation for the HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) PHR® certification exam.

  • Professional in Human Resources: HR Tools and Processes

    Every profession has its bag of tricks, and HR is no different – HR borrows from everyone else! In this course, you'll learn about some of the essential tools and processes to help become a trusted partner and adviser. This course can be used in preparation for the HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) PHR® certification exam.

  • Professional in Human Resources: PHR® Exam Summary

    It's almost time for the HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) PHR® certification exam, and there are just a few more pointers that will add the finishing touches. In this course, you'll learn how to reinforce content knowledge by applying good study habits and deploying testing strategies. As a bonus, you'll explore additional content to expand your knowledge base or save for recertification credits.

Exam Prep
Exam Prep
  • Mentoring Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)

    Skillsoft Mentors are available to help students with their studies for the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) exam. You can reach them by using the Email My Mentor service.

Video Courses
  • Hitting the Recruitment Bull’s-eye

    One of the most significant challenges facing organizations is hiring qualified employees. The talent acquisition process has changed significantly in recent years due to changes in labor-market conditions, as well as advances in technology.
    In this course, you’ll learn how to attract the talent needed to meet your organization’s needs, and the recruiting techniques to use to make this happen. You’ll learn how to consider the needs of the organization as well as the needs of the potential employees. You’ll explore how to appeal to recruits by tapping into what is important to them in a job. The course also prepares you to establish and implement a recruitment and talent management strategy.

  • Applicant Screening: The First Step in Hiring the Best

    Talent management starts with hiring the right person for the job. Applicant screening takes a lot of work, and much of this work is done prior to the actual interview.
    This course covers how to create a job description, which will help you evaluate an applicant’s resumé effectively. You’ll learn key techniques for screening resumés based on job requirements, as well as how to identify red flag issues in resumés and how to approach them. These techniques will help you recruit, and hire, the best people.

  • Ensuring Onboarding Success

    Talent management means hiring the right person for the job and successfully onboarding the new recruit. A good job description can aid in effective applicant and resumé screening before the interview. An effective onboarding program can increase new employee acclimation and productivity, as well as greatly decreasing employee turnover. Managers are key to ensuring the success of new employee onboarding programs.
    This course provides managers with an insight into their unique role and outlines the benefits they reap from properly onboarding new hires. It also covers the key elements of an effective onboarding program and explains how onboarding is different from traditional orientation.

  • Planning for Skills Needs and Managing Performance

    An effective HR Department develops employees and develops talent to support the organization’s key strategies and help them in the fight to remain competitive. Key to achieving this is acquiring talent and managing talent successfully. In this course, you’ll learn about the role of HR in identifying the skills needs of your organization and satisfying these needs through recruitment and performance management as your organization requires it. You’ll also learn about managing performance successfully within the framework of talent management.

  • Building Career Development Programs and Succession Planning

    An organization can’t achieve its strategic business goals if it doesn’t have the needed human capacity and skills – the talent – to do this. Managing talent effectively means your organization will have a total workforce optimized for overall success in achieving its goals. In this course, you’ll learn about creating development programs for everyone from emerging employees through to experienced leaders by considering key concepts of career development, leadership development, and mentoring. You’ll also learn how to maintain a qualified talent pipeline through effective succession planning. You’ll explore succession planning activities, and learn how to create a succession program and analyze its success after implementation.

  • Implementing Transformational HR

    In an ideal world, your HR Department’s tasks are defined and aligned with the goals of the organization. HR has a seat at the executive table, helping to set and implement strategy throughout the organization, and all the day-to-day HR activities – such as recruitment, talent management and succession planning – support the organizational strategy. This is transformational human resources. In this course, you’ll learn about the difference between traditional transactional HR and transformational HR and the importance of involving HR in organizational strategy. The course also describes how to make your HR function more transformational and how to educate management on the importance of a strategic partnership with HR to optimize your talent pipeline.

  • Individual Behavior in Organizations

    In an ideal world, all the day-to-day HR tasks – such as recruitment, talent management, and succession planning – are defined and aligned with the goals of the organization. This is an aspect of transformational human resources, or transformational HR, that will help optimize your talent pipeline. In this course, you’ll learn about variables and characteristics that influence individual behavior, attitude, and perception in the workplace, and how these can affect performance. The course also demonstrates how you can improve the attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors of employees at an individual level to align with organizational goals.

  • Embedding Diversity & Inclusion in Daily Operations

    To be effective and efficient, a company needs to use its talent pool to the greatest extent possible.

  • Talent Management: Tools to Identify Bias

    Effective talent management necessitates an awareness of personal bias, and it’s easier to create support tools than you might think.

  • Declining Performance

    Managers need to understand why performance is declining in order to know how best to address it.

  • Dealing with Employee Plateau

    When an employee’s performance plateaus, managers have to decide if it is acceptable or not.

  • Developing Others

    Developing employees is accomplished by bring new experiences to the employee and the employee to new experiences.

  • Balancing Performance and Potential

    Talent leaders need to consider how they can balance developing performance and potential in their staff.

  • Simplification for Managers

    A complex business can run successfully on systemization, but not bureaucratization.

  • Recognizing Gender Bias

    To overcome traditional workplace norms, you need to understand and recognize the many types of gender bias.

  • Managing Gender Bias

    Gender biases are both overt and hidden within organizations, and small changes can go a long way toward achieving gender neutrality.

  • Customize the Work to Make the Work More Meaningful

    Today’s employees want and expect more autonomy and purpose in their work. Job customization makes this possible.

  • Unleash Your Talent Potential

    Finding out why your female talent pipeline is leaking and actively solving the problem unleashes your organization’s untapped talent potential?which ultimately improves your organization’s performance.

  • Developing Talent

    Recruiting talent isn’t enough?companies need to know how to retain good employees through development.

  • Focus on Talent for High Performance

    If you want a high-performance business, focus on your talent.

  • Workplaces Are Changing

    Workplaces are changing in various ways?some obvious, some subtle.

  • Managing Your Talent

    It?s easy to provide the tools and techniques that a leader can use to develop talent in others, but as William Mitchell explains, getting them to own it personally is the true challenge.

  • The Four P’s: A Roadmap to Improving Performance

    Introverts can use four P?s to improve their performance: prepare, have presence, push every day to get out of their comfort zone, and practice.

  • The Cringe Factor Identifies People to Fire

    Be slow to hire and quick to fire. Everyone in the organization knows who is not performing. Fire an employee or vendor if you cringe at writing them a paycheck, or if you would not be sorry if they were run over by a bus.

  • Talent Is the Whole Ballgame

    No one is over qualified. They want the best. Meritocracy is okay. The Container Store doesn?t have a human resource department. Employees recruit other employees. No one leaves (they have single-digit turnover). Nepotism is fine ? you know which of your family members would love working in this environment.

Additional courseware exists for each of the above topics, and are already included in your paid library. The courses chosen are selected by Knowledge Question Direct training advisors as a quality minimum course load. We recommend all students customize their course loads as needed. Your course mentors are available to assist you in choosing additional courses at no additional cost.


Each Learning Path from Knowledge Quest Direct gives you bonus features that continually support your educational endeavors. Even though you are focusing on IT related certifications in hardware, security and networking, you will eventually want to gain other certifications to help bolster your resume. Often, IT positions will require a ITIL or Project Management certification. With our additional options, you have the capability to learn what is needed for those as well!

Live Bootcamps

Have you ever had a problem in an e-learning course, got stuck and never continued? Well, that is not something you will run into here. Mentorship and live bootcamps allow you to gain knowledge in a live setting where your questions can be answered in real time. The Live Bootcamp functionality allows you to schedule when you’d like to attend from the comfort of our educational portal. They are online bootcamps, so you will be able to attend with any internet connection.

Additional Books Including Audio Books

Human Resources is continually evolving. Our library of books and audio books stays up to date for new trends and legislation. Keep ahead of the HR curve by downloading them in PDF version to be used on e-reading devices, including your phone.

Full Course Library with 40,000+ Courses

As we mentioned, your learning paths is just a part of the fun. Overall, you will have access to 40,000 courses involving various other certifications and learning paths. You can assemble your own learning path customized to your needs at any given moment. You can take a standalone course just to refresh your knowledge in a subject. Do you want a Project Management Professional Certification? It is completely doable with access to our extensive library of courses

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