Accounting for Stock Transactions


One of the great advantages of a corporate form of organization is it allows otherwise unaffiliated people to join in mutual ownership of a business. Therefore, everyone involved needs an understanding of the financial essentials and how they influence the company's overall financial management. Strengthening your own financial acumen with a knowledge of accounting basics is the first step. In this course, you'll learn about the key characteristics of finance within incorporated organizations. You'll explore how common financial transactions affect the corporations' financial position. You'll also learn concepts and accounting processes for corporate transactions, including those involving common and preferred stocks, treasury stocks, and dividends.


  • identify characteristics of incorporated organizations
  • identify how common equity transactions affect a corporation's financial position
  • recognize the steps for journalizing par value stock and no par value stock
  • sequence the steps for journalizing par value stock at above or below par value
  • match the steps of the cost method of accounting for treasury stock
  • sequence the process for a corporation to complete payment of cash dividends
Course Details

Library: Professional Foundations Courses
Course Length: 20 Minutes
Course ID: fin_09_a04_bs_enus
Course Number: 174485

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