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Speaking directly to operations and supply chain executives in manufacturing and distribution environments, this book guides readers through developing, implementing, and maintaining close relationships within…
Product Type: book
Author: Rick Pay
Pages: 122
In this audio edition, Bryan Heathman reveals a new era of marketing books - an approach in which authors are authentically engaging their audiences. This…
Product Type: book
Author: Bryan Heathman
Pages: 140
Helping you to stand out, create more opportunities, and make the sales that deliver real business success, this book breaks down the steps required for…
Product Type: book
Author: Michael Smith
Pages: 208
Combining outstanding content with humor, flair, and inspiration, Work Life Balance Expert Jeff Davidson will give you the tools and techniques to meet the constant…
Product Type: book
Author: Jeff Davidson
Pages: 22
Through ten vignettes told in accessible language and illustrated with helpful screenshots, this engaging book teaches non-technical readers ten key lessons for protecting your digital…
Product Type: book
Author: Daniel G. Bachrach,Eric J. Rzeszut
Pages: 170
Outlining a systematic process to guide your organization along the path to improvement, this book covers risk and quality, multicultural management, empowerment, error analysis, team…
Product Type: book
Author: D. H. Stamatis
Pages: 360
Provides powerful, practical insights and ideas that really work, including hundreds of specific, practical, effective time management tips from dozens of salespeople who are on…
Product Type: book
Author: Dave Kahle
Pages: 224
Featuring interviews, stories, profiles and techniques, this book reveals the presentation secrets behind today’s greatest CEOs and leaders and how they electrify today’s toughest audiences.
Product Type: book
Author: Carmine Gallo
Pages: 240
Offering a short list of the most important management fundamentals, this book will help you build a great work team and ensure that your staff…
Product Type: book
Author: Lisa Haneberg
Pages: 136
This text provides tools and techniques enabling you to easily navigate the entire selling process from A to Z; it shows how to close sales…
Product Type: book
Author: Tim Breithaupt
Pages: 224

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