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Due to publisher restrictions, this title will be removed from Books24x7 on August 4, 2015.
Product Type: book
Author: ISACA
Pages: 12
Examining the players, institutions, and values lobbying against meaningful regulation of everything from autonomous robots to designer drugs, this timely book proposes solutions for regaining…
Product Type: book
Author: Wendell Wallach
Pages: 338
Providing a model for the management and implementation of internal audits, this book shows how you can transform your internal auditing process to become a…
Product Type: book
Author: Andrew W. Nichols
Pages: 122
Using detailed and illustrative examples, this comprehensive guide shows you how to develop and implement a business continuity management (BCM) and disaster recovery plan, ensuring…
Product Type: book
Author: Tony Drewitt
Pages: 224
Discussing the IT-related legal issues faced by businesses on a daily basis, this comprehensive guide explains the most relevant legal frameworks, with examples from actual…
Product Type: book
Author: Jeremy Holt,Jeremy Newton
Pages: 208
This audio edition explores the role of IT leadership as it is now and opens the door to reveal IT leadership as it should be…
Product Type: book
Author: Mark Schwartz
Pages: 440
With an easy style, this practical book explores the role of IT leadership as it is now and opens the door to reveal IT leadership…
Product Type: book
Author: Mark Schwartz
Pages: 336
Ideal for management at every level, this book will show you how to measure the performance of your teams, and what capabilities you should invest…
Product Type: book
Author: Nicole Forsgren,Jez Humble,Gene Kim
Pages: 288
Authored by a veteran hiring manager, this comprehensive guide provides insight into what drives the recruitment process and how hiring managers think, and offers information…
Product Type: book
Author: Edward Guiness
Pages: 445
A guide to preparing yourself for any technical job or interview.
Product Type: book
Author: Michael Rothstein,Daniel Rothstein
Pages: 488

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