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Showing companies and their executives how to profit by developing solutions to the world's most daunting challenges, this unique book uses case studies to delineate…
Product Type: book
Author: Alice Korngold
Pages: 225
For leaders ready to build and strengthen a winning business, this book changes dated preconceptions to show that sustainability is not an ideological mindset but…
Product Type: book
Author: Christoph Lueneburger
Pages: 272
A guide to the relationship between good governance and social responsibility and the reality of managing both, this book includes case studies from large and…
Product Type: book
Author: Güler Aras,David Crowther (eds)
Pages: 716
Taking a broad look at the ways the concept of sustainability is being applied in the business context, this book provides readers with an introduction…
Product Type: book
Author: Ronald Whitfield,Jeanne McNett
Pages: 172
Showing the relationship between the sustainability movement and supply chains, this book explains how to direct your purchasing power so that you source products that…
Product Type: book
Author: Kevin L. Lyons
Pages: 318
Presenting writings of leading scholars and practitioners working in the private and public sectors, this book addresses the impacts of globalization processes on smallholder agriculturalists…
Product Type: book
Author: Ralph D. Christy
Pages: 254
Laying out a framework to improve sustainability integrations including case studies, lessons learned, best practices, and tools and templates to facilitate transforming into a sustainable…
Product Type: book
Author: Kristina Kohl
Pages: 354
Offering a pragmatic new business model for sustainability that extends beyond the traditional framework of the triple bottom line, this book describes eight steps that…
Product Type: book
Author: Francisco Szekely,Zahir Dossa
Pages: 248
Providing a set of foundational attributes to help guide a strategy for responsible growth, this inspiring book includes a range of practical tools that bring…
Product Type: book
Author: Sandra Horlings,Nicholas Ind (eds)
Pages: 240
Providing case studies from industries and sectors, this practical, easy-to-understand book sets a path to successfully building a culture for sustainability in today's global marketplace.
Product Type: book
Author: Jeana Wirtenberg
Pages: 336

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