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This audio edition will teach listeners how to measure the performance of their teams and what capabilities they should invest in to drive higher performance.
Product Type: book
Author: Nicole Forsgren,Jez Humble,Gene Kim
Pages: 298
Ideal for management at every level, this book will show you how to measure the performance of your teams, and what capabilities you should invest…
Product Type: book
Author: Nicole Forsgren,Jez Humble,Gene Kim
Pages: 288
Supplying readers with various perspectives of the critical infrastructure that systems of networked computers rely on, this book introduces the key issues, describes their interrelationships,…
Product Type: book
Author: Niranjan Suri,Giacomo Cabri (eds)
Pages: 378
Featuring techniques not taught in any certification prep or covered by common defensive scanners, this book integrates social engineering, programming, and vulnerability exploits into a…
Product Type: book
Author: Wil Allsopp
Pages: 288
Containing all the terms and concepts needed for those planning to take the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) exam, this guide will also help new…
Product Type: book
Author: Barbee Davis
Pages: 361
Presenting a consolidated view of the state-of-art and state-of-practice as well as the newest research findings, this book identifies gaps in the requirements of applying…
Product Type: book
Author: Muhammad Ali Babar,Alan W. Brown,Ivan Mistrik
Pages: 433
Building on the ISTQB Foundation Level Agile Tester syllabus, this book covers Agile principles, methods, and tools in the context of software testing.
Product Type: book
Author: Rex Black (ed)
Pages: 252
Presenting twenty real-world case studies of practitioners using agile methods, this book provides personalized guidance on the agile best practices from which to choose to…
Product Type: book
Author: John Watkins
Pages: 328
Exploring a holistic process to engage creativity for security - developer-centric software security, this book outlines a step-by-step process for software security that is relevant…
Product Type: book
Author: James Ransome,Anmol Milsra,Brook Schoenfield
Pages: 414
Including an introduction to threat modelling, this book presents a data-centric approach to cyber risk management based on business impact assessments, data classification, data flow…
Product Type: book
Author: Christopher Hodson
Pages: 416

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