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Many great ideas turn into successful businesses, but first the idea must be developed. Discover the considerations that are made regarding the external environment in…
Product Type: course
Course: 38 Hours
Not many HR professionals have the opportunity to build a business from the ground up or restructure the company for efficiencies. Whether or not that…
Product Type: course
Course: 36 Hours
In this course, you'll explore and interpret the US laws and regulations that impact the HR Body of Knowledge. In addition, you'll learn the process…
Product Type: course
Course: 125 Hours
What is human resources – people or function? In defining this nucleus, you'll explore both – what it means to the company, its function, roles,…
Product Type: course
Course: 61 Hours
Every profession has its bag of tricks, and HR is no different – HR borrows from everyone else! In this course, you'll learn about some…
Product Type: course
Course: 71 Hours
In this course, you'll discover the qualifications for HR certification and who is eligible. You'll also learn about the contents of the PHR® Exam by…
Product Type: course
Course: 39 Hours
It's almost time for the HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) PHR® certification exam, and there are just a few more pointers that will add the finishing…
Product Type: course
Course: 23 Hours
Short-term hires are costly, so HR wants to yield the highest ROI by ensuring a good fit for both employer and employee. In this course,…
Product Type: course
Course: 107 Hours
As the economic pendulum swings, top talent comes and goes and the replacement effort starts over, or can even shift. In this course, you'll learn…
Product Type: course
Course: 34 Hours
Great branding isn't just for marketing. Employees are consumers too, and that same marketing power should also be directed toward the employer brand to help…
Product Type: course
Course: 48 Hours

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